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Michigan-based freelance writer, providing nationwide professional freelance writing services.


Hello, I am Amy San Juan, a freelance writer local to Mid-Michigan, currently located in Bay City.  I am currently soliciting projects that permit me to fully utilize my creative and aggressive talents. I write engaging, sophisticated yet user-friendly text and excel at expressing ideas in clear, crisp and correct English.  I am happy to write in any style, and my personal style is highly entertaining and quirky, in a conversational tone.  Feel free to browse some examples of my work.

I am also highly skilled and experienced at technical and process documentation writing, specifically chemical processes and documentation.  I have been working in supply chain and logistics for the Dow Chemical company for the last 9 years where it has been my responsibility to assist and create documentation to easily facilitate new processes.  Check out my resume for more information about my education and training.

In addition to my work at Dow, I’ve written for in their “life” column and contribute to other online personal interest sites.  I am a regular contributor to the Midland MI area community magazine, “The Tridge Life.”  Please feel free to browse my portfolio and check out my blog.  Contact me if you believe my writing style suits your copy needs.



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